Sunday Services

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
9:15 AM Holy Eucharist (Sunday School and Nursery Care)
11:00 AM Morning Prayer (First Sunday of the month: Holy Eucharist)

For details, see the full list of services and directions to the church.

Parish Life HOWTOs

Saint Stephen’s has a lot of events: some only require simple planning, others are quite complex. This page is a repository of all the HOWTOs: guides, reminders, templates—all the documentation we can think of to help people put on the event next time. All documents are available in PDF format, but many are available in their original, editable format. This way they can be edited as our processes and procedures adapt and change over time, and also so that others who want to imitate our successes can have a starting point for their own efforts.

Some further sensitive documents are stored here.


Garden Party

Originally held in September, it was moved to the first Saturday in May. In 2020 it is being moved to the second Saturday in May. See the Garden Party page. “” will take you directly to that page.

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Garden Party Guide An overall summary of all the moving parts of the Garden Party. A work in progress. Initial version GARDEN PARTY GUIDE
Tea Room Checklist A comprehensive list of all the Tea Room-specific tasks needed to be performed before, during, and after the Garden Party. There are places in the spreadsheet to enter the names of the assignees. Version 1, 19 May 2019 WORD
Information for cashiers trimmed Email from the Parish Life Committee Treasurer with operating instructions for Garden Party cashiers (includes Tea Room cashier and those at outdoor booths) Email dated 3 May 2019 n/a
Price List The prices have been fairly steady over the years. (The Tea Room price finally went up a couple of years ago.) We recently stopped using tickets as a payment form. The tickets were used so that food servers didn’t need to handle money, but for the last couple of years, cashiers have been stationed at the food booths. 2019 Version WORD
Tea Room Server Instructions General instructions on the management of the Tea Room. 2019 Version WORD
Tea Room Volunteers A sign-up sheet for Tea Room volunteers. The numbers indicate how many people were assigned to that particular duty in 2019. 2019 Version WORD
Team List A description of the various teams for Garden Party activities. 2020 Version WORD
GP Volunteers A sign-up sheet for Garden Party volunteers (except for Tea Room volunteers, who have their own sign-up sheet). The numbers indicate how many people were assigned to that particular duty in 2019. 2019 Version WORD
Garden Party Flyer A flyer suitable for posting and distributing. Minor updates are needed for each year. 2020 Version PAGES
Business Advert Letter A letter to be distributed to businesses in solicitation of adverts for the Garden Party Programme. The prices have been stable for the duration of the Garden Party, and they correspond to the amounts for Garden Party sponsors (House of Lancaster, House of York, House of Windsor, Imperial Crown). 2020 Version ODT
Half-Page Handout There was a request for a half-page handout, as opposed to the full-page flyer. The handout also includes a map and directions to the church. 2018 Version ODT
Extended Flyer A more detailed flyer, with pictures and brief highlights of all the Garden Party activities. Since this is only a single sheet, it can be distributed with the Business Letter instead of a copy of the previous year’s Programme. Slight updates need to be made from year to year. (For example, for the 2020 Garden Party, which was cancelled, there was not going to be a Flower Show.) 2018 Version ODT

Cookie Walk

Held on the first Saturday of December. See the Cookie Walk main page. (The yearly price list is a child page.) “” will take you directly to the main page.

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Cookie Walk Guide An overall summary of all the moving parts of the Cookie Walk. A work in progress. Version 0.3, 19 May 2019 WORD
Cookie Sales Log A log to be filled out by the people weighing cookie boxes and determining the price. They should write the price in a cell on the spreadsheet as they write it on the box. At the end of the Cookie Walk, these numbers can be used to determine a fairly accurate count of the number of pounds of cookies sold. 2018 Version ODT
Cookie Sales Stats A spreadsheet showing the way the sales log data can be crunched. n/a ODT


General Documents and Templates

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Flower Guild Notes Detailed guidance for Flower Guild members on how to prepare floral arrangements for the main altar, the children’s altar, and the table in the lobby (the Cadwalader Room) Notes as of February 2017 WORD
Letterhead Letterhead with a logo and a footer with general information (including a QR code which leads to the web site). COLOR ODT
Social Media A poster advertising the Parish’s various forays into social media. Poster ODT
Auction Booklet Saint Stephen’s has had three silent auctions: in 2003, 2005, and 2014. Here is the booklet which was distributed to attendees, with the dinner menu, and a listing of all the items available for bidding. 2014 Version ODT
Auction Table Tents The table tents placed with each item available for bidding, providing information on the item and the starting bid. Each tent occupies half a sheet; once cut, the paper is folded in quarters, with the outermost quarters overlapping to provide a triangular tent. 2014 Version ODT
State of the Parish Survey An extensive survey of how people respond to and are affected by the various services provided by the parish, and the various activities in which they can participate. Booklet version for tabloid paper ODT

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