Sunday Services

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
9:15 AM Holy Eucharist (Sunday School and Nursery Care)
11:00 AM Choral Mattins (First Sunday of the month: Holy Eucharist)

For details, see the full list of services and directions to the church.

Parish Life HOWTOs

Saint Stephen’s has a lot of events: some only require simple planning, others are quite complex. This page is a repository of all the HOWTOs: guides, reminders, templates—all the documentation we can think of to help people put on the event next time. All documents are available in PDF format, but many are available in their original, editable format. This way they can be edited as our processes and procedures adapt and change over time, and also so that others who want to imitate our successes can have a starting point for their own efforts.

Some further sensitive documents are stored here.



Garden Party

Originally held in September, it was moved to the first Saturday in May. In 2020 it is being moved to the second Saturday in May. See the Garden Party page. “” will take you directly to that page.

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Garden Party Guide An overall summary of all the moving parts of the Garden Party. A work in progress. Initial version unavailable
Tea Room Checklist A comprehensive list of all the Tea Room-specific tasks needed to be performed before, during, and after the Garden Party. There are places in the spreadsheet to enter the names of the assignees. Version 1, 19 May 2019 WORD
Information for cashiers trimmed Email from the Parish Life Committee Treasurer with operating instructions for Garden Party cashiers (includes Tea Room cashier and those at outdoor booths) Email dated 3 May 2019 n/a


Cookie Walk

Held on the first Saturday of December. See the Cookie Walk main page. (The yearly price list is a child page.) “” will take you directly to the main page.

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Cookie Walk Guide An overall summary of all the moving parts of the Cookie Walk. A work in progress. Version 0.3, 19 May 2019 WORD


General Documents and Templates

Document Description PDF Version Editable
Flower Guild Notes Detailed guidance for Flower Guild members on how to prepare floral arrangements for the main altar, the children’s altar, and the table in the lobby (the Cadwalader Room) Notes as of February 2017 WORD
Telephone Guide The Quick Reference Guide for the telephone system in use at Saint Stephen’s KX-T77xx