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The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew.

— Proverbs iii:19, 20, Opening Sentence for Morning Prayer [Thanksgiving Day]

Garden Party

St Stephen’s 2017 British Garden Party and Fête is just around the corner! We’ve got lots of fun in store for you. Join us on Saturday, May 6th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the Church grounds: fun, games, and food for the entire family! Mark your calendars now!

(Contrary to what Facebook may say, no tickets are required! General admission is free, but there is a modest charge for Afternoon tea, and comestibles and potables are available for sale on the green. How much you spend at the Jumble Table or at one of the Wheels of Chance is up to you.)

Feel free to print out this legal-size poster or thisletter-size poster to share with friends and neighbours, and to give to your local shopkeepers to display in their windows.


  • John F. Nicoll Pipe Band. The Scots be representin’. The Band is part of our opening ceremonies, and then they’ll play a set or two later in the day.
  • Maypole. The Maypole is back! Join in the dancing, and strike a blow against Puritan repression!
  • Dr Horn’s Punch & Judy Show. This authentic Punch & Judy show has been a runaway hit in years past. We’re excited to welcome Dr Horn back this year.
  • Wheels of Chance. We have two wheels this year! Take a spin to win bottles of wine or spirits—or chocolate, at the “children’s” wheel.
  • Flower Show. Creative flower arrangements. This year’s theme will be “The Queen’s 90th Birthday”.

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Children’s Activities

  • Windsor Bouncy Castle. What’s there to say? Everyone loves the Bouncy Castle—including the kids who are too large for it.
  • Face Painting. Which is scarier? Lions or mimes?
  • Handicrafts. Flower Pot painting and Suncatcher painting: why not make something for Mother’s Day?
  • Races. Okay, adults can join in these, too. There are Egg Races, Wheelbarrow Races, and Sack Races, for various combinations of participants.

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Food and Drink

  • Afternoon Tea in the Parish Hall. Sandwiches, scones, pastries, and, of course, tea.
  • The Barley Mow Pub on the Lawn. Come visit the newly refurbished Pub! The beer selection will be announced shortly.
  • Annie’s Specialities. Sausage rolls and Ploughman’s lunches. There’s also American fare (hot dogs (or “snorkers”, as we calls ’em)) and wraps on the other side of the pub.

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Specialty Booths

  • Greyhound Rescue League. Sid you realize that greyhounds are that big?
  • Portobello Road White Elephant Stall. Only the best jumble will do.
  • Flower Arrangement Stall. Pick up some geraniums, or some prêt-à-porter flower arrangements for Mother’s Day.

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Photo Galleries

Garden Party 2007

The 2007 British Garden Party and Fête was a rousing success. The weather was beautiful, the food and beverages were plentiful, and there were lots of activities for people to enjoy. Here are some photos from the activities on the lawn in front of the church, plus a few shots of entries in the Flower Arranging competition.

15 Photos

Garden Party 2011

Like its predecessors, the 2011 Garden Party and Fête was a great success. We had singers and pipers, and greyhounds, and a visit from HRH Henry VIII.

72 Photos

Garden Party 2011 Flower Show

The theme for the 2011 Garden Party Flower show was "British Movies". As you can see, we got a lot of very clever entries, giving the judges quite a challenge.

18 Photos

Garden Party 2012 Flower Show

The theme for the 2012 Flower Show was "Her Majesty the Queen", in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee.

13 Photos

Garden Party 2013 Preparations

There's a lot of work involved in setting up the Garden Party every year—especially in the Tea Room.

9 Photos

Garden Party 2013

The weather was spectacular, and a grand time was had by all. The 2013 British Garden Party and Fête was a grand success.

107 Photos

Garden Party Flowers 2013

This year's Garden Party Flower Show's theme was "Best of British". The show was judged by Nancy Johnston, of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland.

27 Photos

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Programme for the 2017 Garden Party

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