For an Inauguration

O Lord our Governor, Ruler of all nations: Look favourably upon thy servant Joseph as he dedicateth himself to the service of our country. Grant him the wisdom, courage, and strength to lead our country in the paths of righteousness, that we may dwell in peace and prosperity, and be an example to all . . . → Read More: For an Inauguration

Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King memorial Westminster Abbey

For a Civl Rights Worker

Martin Luther King memorial, sculpted by Tim Crawley, installed in 1998 over the west entrance of Westminster Abbey. From Wikipedia.

Almighty God, father of all mercies: We bless thy name for those who work to make justice a reality for all of thy children, especially thy servant . . . → Read More: Martin Luther King, Jr

Lee-Jackson Day

Confederate Battle Flag

Almighty God, Lord of Hosts: Look favourably upon thy servants Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson, who so valiantly fought for their country against the Northern aggressors. Grant us, we beseech thee, to revere the example of these good men; to honor them for their defense of their nation’s institutions and way of . . . → Read More: Lee-Jackson Day

For New Year’s Eve

La nouvelle Jérusalem

O God, who in the beginning of all things didst create heaven and earth: Grant that at this beginning of the year we may create a world filled with compassion and kindness, with mercy and forgiveness, with beauty and wonder; and help us, we beseech thee, to prepare for that last day when thy Son . . . → Read More: For New Year’s Eve

Veterans Day

Remembrance Day poppy

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, in whose hands are the living and the dead: We give thee thanks for all those thy servants who have laid down their lives in the service of our country. Grant to them thy mercy and the light of thy presence, that the good work which thou hast begun . . . → Read More: Veterans Day

Independence Day

Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument 1986

Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument, 1986. Photo by SSgt Lono Kollars, USAF. From Wikimedia.

O Eternal God, through whose mighty power our fathers won their liberties of old: Grant, we beseech thee, that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain these liberties in . . . → Read More: Independence Day

Freedom of the Press Day

Benjamin Franklin at the printing press

Benjamin Franklin at a Printing Press, by E. Boyd Smith (1860–1943), from an illustrated version of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. From Project Gutenberg.

Almighty God, who sendest thy messengers with glad tidings and dire warnings: Watch over thy servants the members of the press, keeping them safe from peril in their . . . → Read More: Freedom of the Press Day

For the Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Judas Maccabeus before the Army of Nicanor

Judas Maccabeus before the Army of Nicanor (1 Macc. 7:26-32), by Gustave Doré (1832–1883). From Wikimedia.

Merciful God, whose love is ever unfailing and knoweth no bounds: Show thy mercy upon them that have been oppressed and persecuted because of their identity. Succour them in their fight for equality, and turn the . . . → Read More: For the Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

National PTSD Awareness Day (I)

Antonio Canova Madness of Hercules

For Veterans with PTSD

Hercules Firing Arrows at His Children, by Antonio Canova (1757—1822). Source unknown.

Almighty Father, our help and our shield: look with mercy upon thy servants who have suffered in the service of our country. Soothe their distress, and grant them a sure recovery from the wounds of heart and . . . → Read More: National PTSD Awareness Day (I)

World Refugee Day

Destruction of Jerusalem

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans Under the Command of Titus, A.D. 70, by David Roberts (1796-1849). From Wikipedia.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, and give ear unto our cry: We are strangers with thee, and sojourners, as all our fathers were: bondmen whom thou leddest out of oppression . . . → Read More: World Refugee Day