Scripture Verse

Repent ye, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

— Matthew iii:2, Opening Sentence for Morning Prayer [Advent]

Cookie Walk

Only 1 month and 10 days until the Cookie Walk! Choose from a wide assortment of home-baked cookies, homemade jams and jellies, peanut brittle, Christmas puddings, and other delights. Doors open at 9:00 AM, and many items sell out, so be sure to arrive early!

Prayer List

Our Prayer Circle offers prayer daily for people on the Prayer List and guests of the Joseph Richey Hospice. To add a name to the list, or to the visiting list, or to join the Prayer Circle, call the office at (410) 560-6776 or use our Pastoral Care Request Form.

FOR RECOVERY: Peter, Charlotte, Rodney, June, Sarah, Betsy, Edie, Alan, Terry, Helen, Linda, John, Judy, Neal, Aida, Stephen, Nathan, Hobie, Betty, Helen, Eunice, Robert✠, David, Jan, Susie, Sophia, Bobby, Lee, Cary, Cour Marie, Jim, Joanna, Kendall, Ian, Gloria, June, John, David, Adrian, Tom, Michell, Aida, Mai, Al, Kathy, Jack, Lewey, Stephen, Pamela, Isobel & Judy

FOR LIGHT, STRENGTH & GUIDANCE: Stephen, Melba, Sam, Vinnie, Doug, Ian, Lisa, Carey, Cindy, Jacob, Casey , Beth, Erin and Aubery

ON ACTIVE SERVICE: Lt Alex Bursi, Capt. Charles Bursi, Lt Nicholas Clouse, USN; Lt Col. Harry Hughes; MSGT Michael Holter, USAF; Cpt Fiodor Strikovski, US Army.

Last updated October 8th, 2017