Facebook testing …

An alchemist in his laboratory

… because Facebook is horking the way third parties connect.

An alchemist in his laboratory. From Wikimedia.

Camerata Musica at the 2017 Cookie Walk

We went live on Facebook with Camerata Musica’s performance. Did you see it? (Or were you there?) Unfortunately the video is too big to upload here (it’s 49 minutes long; the performance was about an hour, but we went live too late), so you’ll have to watch it on Facebook.

Any friend of Isaac is a good friend of ours

It’s been a little over a year since St Stephen’s “new” web site went live: the first post was on April 3rd, 2011 (entitled “Fiat situs interretialis”, in case you missed it). The site has come a long way. Since then, there have been 462 more blog posts, including musings by the Rector (and by . . . → Read More: Any friend of Isaac is a good friend of ours

Teh Facebook and the Twitterz

As you may have noticed, our blog entries (and general pages, for that matter) now have handy little buttons so that you can Like them on Facebook or tweet them. There are a number of other social network fora that we can activate (Google+, anyone?). So if your favorite social network venue isn’t available, let . . . → Read More: Teh Facebook and the Twitterz