It’s time to start thinking about Cookie Walk 2017

Cookie Walk 2016 / Baltimore Sun

Cookie Walk 2016 /(Steve Ruark / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

Here I am again. They won’t let me air my views on politics or religion or, in fact, anything controversial. All they do is press–gang me into writing commercials for Cookie Walk 2017. The Cookie Walk will be early this year. It takes place . . . → Read More: It’s time to start thinking about Cookie Walk 2017

Up on the rooftop …

new church tower with weathercock

No, despite the season, we’re not talking about Santa Claus. As you may remember, a few months ago, Fr Hawtin discussed the significance of weathercocks on the steeples of Anglican (and other) churches. And he mentioned that, in the process of making some urgent repairs to our church tower, St Stephen’s was adding a . . . → Read More: Up on the rooftop …

The best dressed lectern in Christendom

Isaac on New Year's Day

Or, at least, in an Anglican church on the east coast. Christmastide is my favorite season, because I get to wear all sorts of finery. I have different outfits for Christmas Eve (and Christmas Day; I don’t bother to change); New Year’s Eve; New Year’s Day (I do change my outfit for the morning service: . . . → Read More: The best dressed lectern in Christendom

Don’t wish that your kids were little saints

When the Rector’s away, Isaac Eagle will play … \

There are times, I’d venture to guess, when all mothers and fathers wished their children were little saints. However, be careful what you wish for. You might not like the result.

Case studies indicate that saintly teenagers can be even more difficult than the . . . → Read More: Don’t wish that your kids were little saints

Merry Clockmas!

Merry what? Well, that’s what the Choirmaster wished me, referring to the clock with which I was so gaudily adorned this morning. Why a clock? you may be wondering. Well, it’s not exactly what you think. Yes, I wore a clock and a party hat last night, for New Year’s Eve, but the solo clock . . . → Read More: Merry Clockmas!

The Diary of a Churchmouse

Here among long-discarded cassocks, Damp stools, and half-split open hassocks, Here where the Vicar never looks I nibble through old service books. Lean and alone I spend my days Behind this Church of England baize. I share my dark forgotten room With two oil lamps and half a broom. The cleaner never bothers me So . . . → Read More: The Diary of a Churchmouse

Old memories awakened

Since I’m firmly anchored to my perch here at St Stephen’s, there isn’t much that goes on around here that I don’t notice.

Watching all the fun outside my window, I so much wanted to perch atop the Maypole at this year’s extraordinary Garden Party, and the sound of the “chomping of jaws” at . . . → Read More: Old memories awakened

A centuries–old ‘divine jest’ that’s shrouded in mystery

The Shroud of Turin—which many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ—is back in the religious news again.

A closeup of the Shroud of Turin

Mr. Russell Breault, president and founder of The Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc., is touring American churches and colleges with a life size, museum-quality replica of . . . → Read More: A centuries–old ‘divine jest’ that’s shrouded in mystery

As I see it

I spend a good deal of time just observing. In fact, that’s mostly what I do.

And what I saw a couple of weeks ago almost made me actually fly right off my perch. The pile of non-perishable food and household supplies for At Jacob’s Well just kept growing and growing until it practically engulfed . . . → Read More: As I see it


As the resident eagle, one of my jobs is to keep an “eagle’s eye” on the mere humans of St Stephen’s. True to form, they goofed in last week’s newsletter by stating that the Lenten Studies would begin on February 20th when, in fact, they will begin on February 27th. If you’ve already marked your . . . → Read More: Whoops!