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It’s time to start thinking about Cookie Walk 2017

Cookie Walk 2016 / Baltimore Sun

Cookie Walk 2016 /(Steve Ruark / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

Here I am again. They won’t let me air my views on politics or religion or, in fact, anything controversial. All they do is press–gang me into writing commercials for Cookie Walk 2017. The Cookie Walk will be early this year. It takes place on Saturday, December 2nd, from 9:00 AM to Noon.

I know I write pretty good advertising copy, but that doesn’t mean that is all I want to do. I’m sure you would all benefit greatly from my 200 years–plus experience on a whole range of subjects from civil administration to church management.

Doesn’t the First Amendment apply to brass eagles? [No! Don’t get fresh!—Ed]

All I get is: “Isaac do me a favor and dig out some cookie recipes for the newsletter. You’ll find them in the files.”

It’s no easy matter for a brass eagle to schlep up to the Rector’s office, let me tell you. And when you get up there, can you find anything in the files? It’s hard enough to locate the blessed man’s desk, let alone unearth a filing cabinet!

Be that as it may, I’ve got nothing against the Cookie Walk. It makes a nice change of pace and it helps us all get in to the spirit of Christmas. But the fact of the matter is that my interest in it is entirely academic.

Brass eagles don’t cook cookies, so I can’t take credit for the recipes I’ll be publishing in coming weeks. But they all come from our famous St. Stephen’s cookbooks, and James Beard’s American Cookery Book, so we know they work!

Look forward to seeing a batch of recipes for freezer cookies. You can make the dough in advance, freeze it, and bake these cookies in the week before the Cookie Walk. There are additional step-by-step tips on freezing cookie dough on this King Arthur website.

One word of warning, however: The unbaked dough is delicious, so don’t let the children get at it. Not only will you have to start all over again, but you’ll have to put the kids on a diet before Christmas. ISAAC EAGLE

Get the scoop in what a Cookie Walk is, and how it started, at

And get directions to the church here.

3 comments to It’s time to start thinking about Cookie Walk 2017

  • Mary

    I saw this as a Facebook ad…I live in Baltimore, MD, did you mean to advertise your cookie walk? I’m not even sure where your church is, but I think you might be in the UK.

    • Mary

      Mays Chapel! Lol. You may want to put more info about what a cookie walk is and where it is in this blog post.

  • petrus

    Mary, you’re absolutely right, we could have put more information about this in the article. Yes, indeed, we’re in the Baltimore area (Mays Chapel, as you have discovered). We’ll update the article with a couple of links, one to the general Cookie Walk page (which explains the origin), and one to directions to the church.

    Perhaps we’ll see you there?