Scripture Verse

He that soweth little shall reap little; and he that soweth plenteously shall reap plenteously. Let every man do according as he is disposed in his heart, not grudgingly, or of necessity; for God loveth a cheerful giver.

— 2 Corinthians ix:6, 7, Offertory Sentence for Holy Communion

Red Cross Blood Drive

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Only 1 month and 25 days until the next Red Cross Blood Drive. There are sign-up sheets at the church, or you can call the Parish Office at (410) 560-6776, or you can drop an email to Happy Riley, the Director of Pastoral Care, at

July 17th 1:30 PM — 7:00 PM

Info on donating blood.

Angels aren’t pixies and cherubs aren’t cherubim

One of the vain superstitions of modern Christianity is a disbelief in angels. Cutting–edge protestants, particularly, write them off as the religious equivalent of fairies at the bottom of the garden—lumping them into the same category as gnomes, elves, and pixies.

Folks who call themselves Christian but reject the existence of angels, however, have a . . . → Read More: Angels aren’t pixies and cherubs aren’t cherubim

Tuesday in Whitsun Week

Grant, we beseech thee, merciful God, that thy Church, being gathered together in unity by thy Holy Spirit, may manifest thy power among all peoples, to the glory of thy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the same Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

Saint Alcuin

Charlemagne et Alcuin

Charlemagne et Alcuin, by Jean-Victor Schnetz (1787–1870). From Wikipedia.

Almighty God, in a rude and barbarous age thou didst raise up thy deacon Alcuin to rekindle the light of learning: Illumine our minds, we pray, that amid the uncertainties and confusions of our own time we may shew forth thy eternal truth; through . . . → Read More: Saint Alcuin

Monday in Whitsun Week

Send, we beseech thee, Almighty God, thy Holy Spirit into our hearts, that he may direct and rule us according to thy will, comfort us in all our afflictions, defend us from all error, and lead us into all truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with thee and the same Holy Spirit liveth and . . . → Read More: Monday in Whitsun Week

The Sermon for Sunday May 20th – Whitsunday

Fr Kerouac

Here is the sermon for Sunday May 20th: Whitsunday, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter

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Here is this week’s newsletter: St Stephen’s News XXIX No 19

Pentecost, commonly called Whitsunday


Pentecôte (Pentecost), by Jean_II_Restout. From Wikipedia.

¶ This Collect is to be said daily throughout Whitsun Week.

O God, who as at this time didst teach the hearts of thy faithful people, by sending to them the light of thy Holy Spirit: Grant us by the same Spirit to have a . . . → Read More: Pentecost, commonly called Whitsunday

Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury

St Dunstan praying before Christ.

“St Dunstan praying before Christ”, from the Glastonbury Classbook (10th century). The kneeling monk in the lower right is believed to be a self-portrait by Dunstan, who was a famous illustrator. From Wikipedia.

Almighty God, who didst raise up Saint Dunstan to restore the discipline of the Church and to be a faithful . . . → Read More: Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury

RSS Feeds

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Did you know that there is a way to be notified automatically whenever there is a new post on the blog? And that you can limit those notifications to certain types (or “categories”) of posts—those announcing new podcasts, or new newsletters or sermons. Find out more on this page, along with a link to . . . → Read More: RSS Feeds

Vestry meeting minutes

hermit at work on a manuscript

We have begun posting the minutes of the monthly Vestry meetings. You can find them on the Vestry meeting minutes page. We’ll post a note here when new sets of minutes are posted.

Detail of a miniature of a hermit at work on a manuscript, from the Estoire del Saint Graal, France (Saint-Omer . . . → Read More: Vestry meeting minutes