Scripture Verse

The Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

— Revelation xxii:17, Opening Sentence for Evening Prayer [Whitsunday]

Garden Party

Only 1 month and 13 days until the British Garden Party and Fête! Come experience a bit of Jolly Olde England right here in Timonium. Have High Tea in the Parish Hall Tea Room, or have Cornish and Welsh Pasties, Ploughman's Lunches, wine, and beer on tap at the Pheasant and Firkin Pub on the parish grounds. Hear a Pipe Band and join in for some English country dancing.

St Stephen’s Cookbooks

To celebrate our tenth Cookie Walk, St Stephen’s assembled a cookbook with all of our parishioners’ favorite cookie recipes. Since then, we’ve published a total of eight cookbooks, although two of them are in two volumes each. Each volume costs $2, or you can get a complete set of all 10 volumes for $15.

2001 A Treasury of Cookie Walk Recipes (in two volumes)
2003 A Treasury of Wednesday Evening Soup Recipes
2005 A Treasury of Church Social Hors D’œuvre Recipes
2006 A Treasury of Church Picnic Salads
2007 A Treasury of Just Desserts (two volumes)
2008 A Treasury of Summer Suppers
2010 Bread of Heaven Cookbook
2011 A Treasury of Notable Potables

As noted above, it all started with the Treasury of Cookie Walk Recipes, a compendium of favorite recipes featured at St Stephen’s famous Cookie Walk (held every year on the first Saturday of December), now reissued in two volumes. Succeeding volumes include the Treasury of Wednesday Evening Soup Recipes, a tribute to the cameraderie of the Wednesday evening study groups and the erstwhile Wednesday evening Reading Circle. The third is the Treasury of Church Social Hors D’Œuvre Recipes, a selection of favorites from St Stephen’s frequent socials and receptions.

The fourth is the Treasury of Church Picnic Salads, with recipes from our Spring and Fall potluck-style picnics. The fifth is the Treasury of Just Desserts: St Stephen’s has a decided sweet tooth, and so, like the Cookie Walk Cookbook, this installment spills over into a second volume. The sixth cookbook is a Treasury of Summer Suppers, drawing on full menus served at our summer supper gatherings. (In recent years, the original “silliness” provided by Britcom telly episodes has been replaced by a few boards of bingo.)

The seventh volume is the Bread of Heaven Cookbook, featuring all sorts of bread and bread–based favorites. The eighth and latest “cookbook” is the Treasury of Notable Potables, containing recipes for “punches, teas, shrubs, smoothies, malts, shakes, hot and cold drinks, and flavored alcoholic drinks”. After all, Anglicans are not noted for their temperance.

New cookbooks generally make their publication debut at the Cookie Walk, but they’re generally available year round. Stocks are generally replenished in time for the Garden Party, but depending on the cookbook, you may have to wait a bit at other times of the year.