DST: It’s baaaack!


Don’t forget! Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday You don’t have to get up in the wee hours (2:00 AM, specifically) to change your clocks. You can change them when you get up; or maybe better, you should change them before you go to bed. If you’re late for the 8:00 AM service, you . . . → Read More: DST: It’s baaaack!

Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius

Cyril and Methodius

Saints Cyril and Methodius holding the Cyrillic alphabet, a mural by Bulgarian iconographer Z. Zograf, 1848, Troyan Monastery

The observance of 9 March as the feast day dates to the 1584 Martyrology issued after the Council of Trent. More pertinent dates are 14 February (the date of the death of Cyril in 869; . . . → Read More: Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius