The adventures of an unemployed eagle

Typical of the clergy, isn’t it? Just because you don’t squawk about how much you know, they assume you’re half–witted. I’ll bet the rector has a pokerwork sign in his study that reads: “Don’t underestimate yourself. Let me do it for you.”

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Isaac the Eagle gets a new Facebook Page

Ambition is invariably a dangerous commodity when it comes to the Church. The definition of “a real and present danger” is standing between an Anglican clergyman and a bishop’s mitre. (You’ll get trampled to death in the rush.) Imagine then my horror to discover that Isaac, the lectern eagle, harbors ambitions.

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Sermon for August 7th Trinity VII

Here is the sermon for Sunday August 7th: Trinity 7, 2011

This Week’s Newsletter

Here is this week’s newsletter: St. Stephen’s News XXII 31

The Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Lord of all power and might, who art the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of thy Name, increase in us true religion, nourish us with all goodness, and of thy great mercy keep us in the same; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.