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God bless low tech rice!

An Appreciation

Fr HawtinMy dear old dad used to claim that the only was to be progressive was to be totally opposed to progress. His words struck a chord with me recently when I discovered that my mobile phone had fallen into the washing machine.

The reason it fell into the ghastly piece of machinery is that it has a very high I.Q. This means it is very choosy about what it will wash and how it will wash it. The mobile phone fell out of my top vest pocket unbeknownst to me as I tries to wrestle the clothes into a state acceptable to the machine.

When I recovered it, it seemed as dead as a doornail and all my contacts were lost forever. But we popped the thing in a bag of rice and three days later the thing sprang back to life. But by that time I’d sought a new phone. Still, I managed to transfer all my contacts to my new phone. So I can’t really complain. GPH✠

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