Saint Matthias the Apostle

Saint Matthias by Rubens

Saint Matthias, by Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640). From Wikimedia.

¶ Because this is a leap year, the Feast of Saint Matthias ought to be transferred to February 25th. It was the Roman tradition to insert the leap day following February 24th, and to repeat that day’s number, rather than adding . . . → Read More: Saint Matthias the Apostle

Felix Dies Bissextum! Happy Leap Day!

Gregory XIII calendar reform

(This post is a repeat from previous Leap Days, for the benefit of those for whom this is new material.)

“What?” you’re thinking to yourself, “Leap Day isn’t until the 29th.”

Not according to the Kalendar, which follows the guidelines set forth by Julius Caesar. The ancient Romans had this odd procedure of numbering days . . . → Read More: Felix Dies Bissextum! Happy Leap Day!