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Talk Like A Pirate Day

In a nod of ecumenism to our Pastafarian brethren, St Stephen’s celebrated Sunday, September 18th, as the Eve of “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (or as we called it informally, Piratespeakmas Eve). In addition to singing MELITA, the Navy Hymn (“Eternal Father, strong to save”), and having the “Hornpipe” from Handel’s Water Music as the Postlude, we sang the following hymn, with text by Edward Hopper (1818-1888). Rather than use its original tune PILOT (which seems a bit busy), we used REDBEARD (mislabeled PETRA in the 1928 hymnal, and REDHEAD in other sources). A printable version of the hymn, with four-part harmony, is available in our Library.

In all seriousness, we took this opportunity to recognize and honor the work of our seafaring forces: the Navy, the Marines, the Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine. International waters are not as calm these days as we think of them as being in “peace” time.

Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me

Jesus, Saviour, pilot me
Over life’s tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treach’rous shoal.
Chart and compass come from thee;
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

While th’ Apostles’ fragile bark
Struggled with the billows dark,
On the stormy Galilee,
Thou didst walk upon the sea;
And when they beheld thy form,
safe they glided thro’ the storm.

Tho’ the sea be smooth and bright,
Sparkling with the stars of night,
And my ship’s path be ablaze
With the light of halcyon days,
Still I know my need of thee;
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

When the darkling heavens frown,
And the wrathful winds come down,
And the fierce waves, tossed on high,
Lash themselves against the sky,
Jesus, Savioir, pilot me,
Over life’s tempestuous sea.

As a mother stills her child,
Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
Boist’rous waves obey thy will,
When thou say’st to them, “Be still!”
Wondrous Sov’reign of the sea,
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

When at last I near the shore,
and the fearful breakers roar
‘Twixt me and the peaceful rest,
Then, while leaning on thy breast,
May I hear thee say to me,
“Fear not, I will pilot thee.”

Edward Hopper, (1818-1888) 1871

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