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*ICYMI: an internet abbreviation for “in case you missed it”.

1. New P.O. Box Address. In an effort to prevent the theft of checks mailed to the church, we have opened a Post Office Box for the exclusive use of the treasurer. In future, please mail your offerings to:

The Treasurer
St Stephen’s Anglican Church
P.O. Box 6161
Timonium, MD 21094.

All other mail should be sent to the parish at our street address.

2. Blog post notification by email. We now have two ways for you to be notified by email of new blog posts on the web site. We’ve implemented two different services, letting you choose how often you wish to receive notifications.

  1. WordPress. The first method is accessed in a box on the left side of the Front Page (the page you land on when you go to If you enter your email address here and click on “Subscribe”, your subscription will be managed by WordPress (the software package that we use to run the web site/blog). You will receive an email every time a new blog entry is posted. This is useful if you want to be notified in real time. But be forewarned that, although we try to space the blog posts out so that there’s usually only one per day, on occasions there have been as many as four posts in a single day. So you would get four emails.
  2. Feedburner. The second method is accessed by the icon in the upper right corner of the page, labeled “By Email”. If you click on this, you will be taken to the Feedburner subscription page (Feedburner is managed by Google). Feedburner will only send you one email a day, usually around 11:00 PM, with a summary of all the posts that have been published that day. This is useful if you don’t want as many emails, and you don’t mind a significant delay in receiving notifications. (For most of you, you’ll probably see this email the next morning when you check your email for the first time, letting you know about yesterday’s posts.)

3. Videocasts. There are a number of ways to find and watch the videos of the Holy Eucharist which Fr Novicki has been preparing.

  • You can subscribe to the parish’s YouTube channel. Videos go live at 8:00 AM on Sunday mornings.
  • You can see them on Facebook, either on Isaac the Eagle’s page, or on the parish’s organization page. You do need to be logged into Facebook to see these pages, but you don’t need to be a Friend of Isaac, or a follower of the parish page. But then, why not? If you become a friend of Isaac, or if you follow the parish, then announcements of new videos will show up in your feed. (Note that, because these videos cannot be scheduled in advance, they are posted later Sunday morning.)
  • You can see them on the parish blog, Videos are posted at 8:00 AM on Sunday mornings. Note that these blog posts are cross-posted to the parish’s Facebook pages (see above), so you’ll be notified of their availability on the web site and on YouTube, even if they’re not yet available locally on Facebook. (Links will be provided, so you’ll still be just one click away.) And as noted above, we’ve recently added options to subscribe to blog posts by email.
  • Also on the web site, we’ve consolidated all the Eucharist videos on a single Videocasts page. For now, they’re all on a single page. But if this becomes cumbersome (if, for example, there are problems with loading the page), we may break the videos into subpages, the way we have done with Newsletters and Sermons.

4. Music selections. Adric, our Choirmaster, has been searching the archives for suitable recordings of past choir performances. (Insert obligatory apology for less-than-studio-quality recordings and live-performance imperfections.) We started with a number of recordings for Holy Week (including excerpts from the 2019 Service of Lessons and Anthems for Passiontide, the 2010 Meditations upon the Seven Last Words from the Cross, and the 2010 Easter Vigil). These recordings are all available on the web site at As more recordings are discovered and found acceptable, they will be added to this page, and there will be a blog post alerting you to the new additions. (These blog posts get cross-posted to Facebook, so here’s another reason to subscribe to blog posts on the web site, or to become a Friend of Isaac, or to follow the parish’s Facebook page.)

5. The Rector’s Stay at Home Chats. The first episode of the Rector’s Stay at Home Chats is now available. If you had signed up for blog post notifications, you would have received an email with a link to the episode. (The blog post was also cross-posted to the two Facebook pages.) Note that the episodes are not being posted in real time. There is a two-week delay between the recording and the posting, so that the Rector can keep a buffer of episodes in the queue. The link to the episode is contained in the blog entry; in addition all the episodes will be collected on this page on the site: Story Time Podcasts page. When future episodes become available, we will send notifications by the usual channels (blog posts and their email alerts, and posts on the two Facebook pages).

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