Sunday Services

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
9:15 AM Holy Eucharist (Sunday School and Nursery Care)
11:00 AM Morning Prayer (First Sunday of the month: Holy Eucharist)

For details, see the full list of services and directions to the church.


In response to the quarantine requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Stephen’s began providing videocasts of Holy Eucharist services.  We will continue to offer these services for those that cannot be with us in person.  These videos are generally posted at 9:15 AM here on this web site (special services may be posted at special times), and also on the parish’s YouTube channel. They are subsequently posted to the parish’s Facebook page. (The uploads to YouTube and the web site can be scheduled in advance, but the uploads to Facebook must be done manually, in real time.)

You may access the videocasts from the Homepage of our website.  The links are listed near the bottom of the page under “Recent Blog Posts.”

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5 comments to Videocasts

  • Karen Underwood

    This was a great sermon today. I am concerned on indoor services, do you offer any outside services? Also are there any prayer services, bible studies? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • petrus

    No, we do not have any outdoor services. All of our services are indoors, in the sanctuary. In addition to the three Sunday Services (8:00 AM, 9:15 AM, and 11:00 AM), we have Morning Prayer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 AM; Evening Prayer on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM; and a Healing Service plus Holy Eucharist on Fridays at noon.

    There has been some discussion of resuming bible study classes, but they haven’t started back up yet. We will announce them on the blog and on Facebook when they resume.

  • Karen Fay Underwood


    For those uncomfortable with in door worship due to COVID, does your church offer prepared communion they can pick up and take during online service?

  • petrus

    I’m not aware of anything like that, but I’ll forward your question to the Rector and the Vicar.

  • Karen Fay Underwood

    Thank you for posting today’s Sermon.

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