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Choral music online

The men and boys of Saint Stephen’s Choir regret that this unfortunate COVID-19 situation has made it impossible for us to join with you in worship these past few weeks. The Holy Week repertory includes many of our favourite and most beautiful choral works, and we are heartbroken that we are unable to sing them in service this year.

We have made a few live audio recordings from past choral services available to listen to online. The recording quality is far from superior, but we hope they might offer some spiritual comfort in these difficult times. More tracks may be added as we find them, so keep checking back.

Best wishes for good health, a blessed Holy Week, and a happy Eastertide!

The audio files can be found at this website:

6 comments to Choral music online

  • Anne Horner

    I am unable to hear the choral music. When I click on the link “ and select “Handel” (and all others) I receive the message “Invalid Source”. Other attempts take me back to the Home Page.

    The videocasts from UTube are excellent. The most recent one I watched today was from Maundy Thursday.

    Thank you for all of your efforts. I certainly appreciate them.


    Anne Horner

  • Anne Horner

    I am using Windows 7 and IE 11. Today the music was from 2010. It was very nice and I could hear it well. I do not use Facebook. Can I view the St. Steve videos in You Tube instead?

    • petrus

      Yes, you can. The videos are posted on the parish’s YouTube channel. The Easter Eucharist will be posted at 8:00 AM on 12 April 2020. The choir selections, however, will not be available on YouTube because they are just audio recordings, not videos.