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Cookie Walk Week Schedule

Reminder: This year, the Cookie Walk has been moved to the second Saturday in December—December 14th!

It takes a lot to prepare for the Cookie Walk. Here is the schedule for now through the Day Itself. There are sign-up sheets in the lobby, or you can just show up prepared to help—someone will put you to work!

Date(s) Activity
Now until December 8th A lot of greens are needed for various arrangements, decorations, etc. Please bring your contributions to the Church by Sunday, December 8th, and place them on the grass to the left of the rear door.
Sunday, December 8th We will break down the Sunday School area and set this area up for decorating wreaths, arrangements, etc.
Monday & Tuesday, December 11th & 12th On these two days we will be assembling and decorating wreaths, and making other arrangements.
Wednesday & Thursday, December 11th & 12th Set up sales area for Cookie Walk, including tables, chairs, and tents for outside sales.
Friday, December 13th Put out cookies in covered containers, make last minute adjustments to the interior and exterior, etc.
Saturday, December 14th COOKIE WALK!! The show is on! 9:00 AM until 12 Noon!
Baskets of Greens

Baskets of greens are available at the Cookie Walk.

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