For All True Martyrs

martyrdom of st stephen by carracci

O Lord God, whose Son hath taught us that the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends: we bless thee for the example of all thy martyrs who have answered pride with humility, anger with forgiveness, and hatred with charity. Grant, we beseech thee, that like thy proto–martyr St Stephen, all . . . → Read More: For All True Martyrs

Saint Deiniol

Y Ddraig Goch

O God, the light of the faithful and shepherd of souls, who didst set blessed Deiniol to be a Bishop in the Church, that he might feed thy sheep by his word, and guide them by his example: Grant us, we beseech thee, to keep the faith which he taught, and to follow in . . . → Read More: Saint Deiniol