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The British Garden Party is coming soon!

Well, it is only a few days now (May 4th) until our annual British Garden Party, and there is still a lot to be done. The long-range weather prognostication given earlier by our resident forecaster, Fr Hawtin, for good weather seems to be holding up so far.

Maypole in ProgressThe Parish Life Committee (PLC) is getting into high gear, but still looking for more volunteers to help with ramped up efforts of these last few days. The sign-up sheets in the Cadwalader Room still have vacancies that need filling. Those of us that have worked on previous Garden Party efforts know, that in organizing a successful event such as this, there always seems to be one more thing to do. We can never have too many volunteers, so if you have the time and inclination, your help in these next few days is critically needed and greatly appreciated.

A word about the “Grounds Crew”. Friday morning May 3rd is the day that this all comes together physically. Tents and booths need to be assembled and erected early so that last minute touches can be completed. Although the work is not hard or strenuous, it does require a number of “hands” so the more crew that is available the easier it will be in time and effort for those involved. All Grounds Crew will rendezvous, rain or shine, on Church grounds at 9: 00 AM sharp!

Let us not forget that April 27th is the deadline to become a Contributing or an Ad Patron. Your checks and ad/instructions must be in on or before that date

Contributing Patron
Imperial Crown $100
House of Windsor $75

House of York $50.

House of Lancaster $25

Ad Patron
Quarter Page $25
Half Page $50
Whole Page $100

If you choose to be a Contributing Patron, your name will be printed in the event program. Please indicate how you want your name displayed. Should the Ad Patron category appeal to you, the text of your ad should be included with your check. Either way, all checks should be made out to St. Stephens Anglican Church and deposited in Cindie Baker’s mailbox which is in the Church Office just off the Cadwalader Room.

Finally, the week leading up to P Day will be the busiest. If you are contributing baked goods, or items for sale, please try to follow the delivery schedule, so that the roll-out plans can be adhered to … Let’s Get With the Flow!

—From John Darlington

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