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Don’t look now! The party is just around the corner!

Don’t look now but May 4th is fast approaching! What is so important about May 4th you say? Haven’t you been reading my articles? Tsk Tsk!! I cannot believe that you haven’t been paying attention.


With an enticement like this, how could you not visit the Garden Party Tea Shop?

Now I can understand that you could forget your spouse’s birthday, your anniversary, a doctor’s appointment or even the IRS’ money grab on April 15th, but May 4th? How could this happen?

May 4th is this year’s date of our annual British Garden Party! Wow! It is a good thing that I am looking out for you, isn’t it? There is going to be a lot of fun and excitement which you will not want to miss.

Bag Pipers and Punch and Judy Shows are just the tip of the iceberg. Games for the children and Games of Chance for the adults, gastronomic delights to challenge your palate, delightful wines and beer to quench your thirst, as well as many interesting items for sale that will test your pocketbook.

King Henry VIII, his Jester, and his Gaolor

His Majesty King Henry VIII; His Majesty’s Jester Will Somers; and His Majesty’s Gaoler grace the Garden Party and Fête

Henry the VIII will make an appearance along with his Court Jester, and the ever present and dangerous King’s Goaler (that’s “Jailer” to us Yanks!).

If you are into fresh baked good, there will be plenty available such as cakes (whole, half, & quarter size). There will be an abundance of interesting objects on the Jumble table that need new homes, and last, but certainly not least, we will again have our famous English Tea Fête serving hot tea, cakes and sandwiches. The Tea Room opens at 11:00 AM, and the last seating is at 2:00 PM.

Now that I have tickled your curiosity, we need to finish up with the preparations. That means volunteers! There are several sign-up sheets in the Cadwalader Room outlining various tasks that need to be completed prior to the Big Day.

Of particular importance is the daily roster for the run-up week prior to May 4th. Don’t be bashful, sign up! There are also posters announcing our Garden Party that can be distributed to local merchants as you go about your daily shopping.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider being a Contributing or an Ad Patron. The following are the levels of patronage:

Contributing Patron
Imperial Crown $100
House of Windsor $75

House of York $50.

House of Lancaster $25

Ad Patron
Quarter Page $25
Half Page $50
Whole Page $100

If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Patron, your name will be printed in the event program. Please indicate how you want your name displayed. Should the Ad Patron category appeal to you, the text of your ad should be included with your check.

Either way, all checks should be made out to St. Stephens Anglican Church and deposited in Cindie Baker’s mailbox which is in the Church Office just off the Cadwalader Room. However, remember that time is a wastin! You need to get your money and instructions into Cindie by April 27th. Let’s Get Crackin!

—From John Darlington

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