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Here is this week’s newsletter: St Stephen’s News XXIX No 36

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  • Peter HAWKINS

    The Divine Office of the Christian Church follows the custom of the Synagogue where there is Morning, Afternoon and Evening Prayer. In the Church this became the Cathedral Divine Office.
    Following the influence of Bhuddism in the East of the Roman Empire, Christian Monasticism became popular for those who wished to avoid the obligations of the Roman World and to spend more time in prayer. To do this Hermits and Monks began to follow the by now defunct Temple times and frequency of prayer, “seven time a day will I praise thee O Lord”. Psalm 119 Verse 164. and this became the Monastic Divine Office.
    The followers of Muhammed observed this in the desert areas, and they follow a sequence of five times a day. The prayer or Fatiha that they use follows the sequence of the ideas of the “Our Father”. Unfortunately this is all in Koraysh Arabic which few understand.
    It will be seen from the forgoing, that Crammer following Qinones et al, was trying to get back to the Cathedral Divine Office and that of the Synagogue, but for some reason not apparent, left out the Midday Office.
    Salaam alecumb, peace be with you.