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This Week’s Newsletter

Here is this week’s newsletter: St Stephen’s News XXVIII No 44

1 comment to This Week’s Newsletter

  • The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins

    Over the weekend I attended two Armistice Parades in our two adjacent communes, and carefully wore my National Service medal inscribed with my rank Lance Bombardier, and number. Les Canadiennes et Américains were carefully mentioned as notre allies. At the parade on Sunday at our parish church, there was mention of the young men shot as résistants for disrupting the railway supplying the U Boat depot of LORIENT which passes in a deep cutting through our commune, but no mention of the six German Soldiers who had surrendered, but were then shot in retaliation. The truth is that “humans can be pretty horrible” and thus need to “be cleansed from all their sins”.
    The Bible is not a book, but as it’s title indicates, it is a library of books, composed over three thousand years, the earliest historical person mentioned being probably Ziusudra, the King of Shurrupak, hero of the Deluge, recast in the sixth century before Christ, as Noah and the Ark. My son Samuel, as Captain Samuel Hawkins of the Royal Engineers, whilst serving Iraq visited the only hill on the southern section of the Iraq Iran border, being Safwan hill of the Jebel Sinam, now a lookout and communications post, but where the Ark grounded centuries ago.
    The truth is that we Humans are just higher Primates who are called to be Children of God, and in that pilgrimage we have done some awful things and some are recorded in the Jewish Christian Tradition. Thus we are all Adam, Mud and Eve, Life, and must work to make our lost paradise in our world today.