Saint Philip the Deacon

St Philip baptizing the eunuch, by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606–1669).

O God, who didst inspire Saint Philip the Deacon to preach Christ unto the people, and leddest them thereby to thy Holy Sacraments: Grant that the ministers and stewards of thy mysteries may likewise so prepare and make ready thy way, by . . . → Read More: Saint Philip the Deacon

Discourtesy is to blame for bitter partisanship

In recent years we have been treated to much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media about the bitterly partisan atmosphere in Washington, where the political denizens have elevated it to the level of an art form—albeit a notably ugly and intellectually dishonest one.

Actually, it’s hard to believe the media hasn’t noticed that . . . → Read More: Discourtesy is to blame for bitter partisanship