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Here is this week’s newsletter: St Stephen’s News XXVIII No 26

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  • The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins

    The European Tradition in Church and Kingdom goes back to Constsntine, who needed the Church to help him govern his disparate Empire. In the West after the collapse of the Western part of that Empire Charlemagne did the same by using Connunities of Monks to go to distant wild places and found schools and industries. After Church this morning I had an Affligem Beer bearing the Arms of SS Peter and Paul Monastery in Belgium, Benedictine as usual.
    In both Church and Kingdom the leader was elected, by birth or other means, and had to serve to the end. A guilded cage certainly, but a cage nevertheless. In return the people, Subjects, were elected by birth to serve, which is how I and my brothers were born.
    Jean Charles Rousseau argued that all men were born free, but everywhere they are in chains. He was wrong, of course, we are all born into a context, and if that context is well resourced, some shall have choices. Prince William found he has had few choices,but he could still even now take up his European Citizenship and leave the Brexit Monarchy, and live with the rest of us European Citizens. His Grandmother was careful to wear the European Colours when she opened the Brexit Parliament!
    Rousseau and others started a trend, and now those of us who consider the matter look at the nature of our Social Contract, and the United States set itself up using such ideas.
    The Church of England along with her Episcopal Family and the Roman and Reformed Churches in Europe were supportive of Monarchies for they are simple to understand and any order is better than chaos, and in England the Reigning Monarch is prayed for every day Morning and Evening at the least. I pray for her and President Macron.
    However in our very Democratic European Institutions election is by ballot and not by birth, so we are moving towards a very “United States” of Europe.

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