Remembrance Day

8th August 1918 by Will Longstaff

Song of Amiens Lord! How we laughed in Amiens! For here were lights and good French drink, And Marie smiled at everyone, And Madeleine’s new blouse was pink, And Petite Jeanne (who always runs) Served us so charmingly, I think That we forgot the unsleeping guns. Lord! How we laughed in Amiens! Till through the . . . → Read More: Remembrance Day

Saint Martin

O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst endue thy soldier Saint Martin with the spirit of sacrifice, and didst exalt him as Bishop to be a great defender of the Faith: Grant us grace to follow in his holy steps, that at the last we may be found clothed with righteousness, in the dwellings of peace; . . . → Read More: Saint Martin