“Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” divorced from the truth

Gospel of Jesus’ Wife [recto], from Wikipedia

A whole bunch of folks were shocked and dismayed two years ago when Harvard Divinity School Professor Karen L. King announced she had discovered an ancient Christian manuscript that claims Jesus had a wife.

It now turns out (surprise! surprise!) that the document—gleefully dubbed The Gospel . . . → Read More: “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” divorced from the truth

The Venerable Bede

O God, the light of our fathers, the rock of their whole strength: Grant us, with thy servant Saint Bede, all diligence to study the noble works thou didst in their days, that we may discern and trust thy power in our own; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

¶ Or this:

Heavenly father, who . . . → Read More: The Venerable Bede