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Vestry candidates for the Annual Meeting, May 24th

St Stephen’s Annual Parish Meeting will take place between the 9:15 AM and the 11:00 AM services on Sunday, May 24th. Members at the meeting will receive the Rector’s report on the state of the parish, the reports of the Treasurer and Wardens, and elect candidates for the Vestry. The candidates nominated for the vestry this year are all sitting members. They are:


Mr Hawkins was born in England, but became a U.S. citizen some years ago. He has lived in America for some 16 years and is a retired senior manager for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals in Hunt Valley. Although the name of the corporation has changed several times, he was with the same company for the best part of 30 years, part of which was in the North East of England. Mr. Hawkins is a Chartered Engineer and is a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He studied Chemical Engineering at Glamorgan University gaining an honors degree and has a postgraduate qualification in Business Management from Swansea Institute of Higher Education.


Dr Kirby von Kessler, one of Baltimore’s leading orthopedic surgeons, retired from practice a few years ago. He remains active in his profession, however, serving as a consultant to the Social Security Administration. In addition to being a vestryman, Dr. von Kessler also serves as acolyte at the 8:00 AM service of Holy Communion. A keen fox hunter, Kirby is an accomplished horseman and is active in local equestrian circles.


A Baltimore native, Brock Johnson is a long time stalwart of St Stephen’s and has served on the vestry for the past seven years. He was a founding member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, where his enthusiasm for keeping the church sparkling has earned him the nickname “Sparkles.” Brock has for many years served as a Sunday School teacher and catechist, preparing our candidates for confirmation. He also teaches our Friday morning Bible study and serves as a lay reader. On a lighter note, he also makes a particularly villainous looking “gaoler” running the stocks at the Annual Garden Party.

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