Pictures and Pictures and Pictures

We’ve got tons of pictures for you! First off, we have some pictures from Annie Hawkins’s retirement party. Next we have a few pictures of the preparation for the Garden Party. And finally we have a slew of additional pictures from the Garden Party itself, courtesy of Don Ruthig.

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Memorial Day Observed

From A Prayer Book for Soldiers and Sailors (1941)

I. For Justice and Freedom

O God, the King of righteousness, lead us, we pray thee, in ways of justice and peace; inspire us to break down all tyranny and oppression, to gain for every man his due reward, and from every man his due service; . . . → Read More: Memorial Day Observed

The Venerable Bede

O God, the light of our fathers, the rock of their whole strength: Grant us, with thy servant Saint Bede, all diligence to study the noble works thou didst in their days, that we may discern and trust thy power in our own; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

¶ Or this:

Heavenly father, who . . . → Read More: The Venerable Bede