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Garden Party Panoramic Video

Yesterday’s British Garden Party and Fête was a grand success. If you missed it, and would like an idea of what you missed, watch this short panoramic video. After a quick 360º view, with the Camerata Singers in the center of the Village Green, next to the maypole, you’ll catch glimpses of the following booths

  • The Portobello Road stalls, with a fine assortment of jumble;
  • The Wheels of Chance—one for assorted bottles, and one for wine;
  • A meet-and-greet with HRH Henry VIII;
  • The St Stephen’s table, with handicrafts by parishioners, and our must-have Parish Cook Books;
  • The Baked Goods Stall, with handmade cakes, cookies, and crumpets;
  • The Flower Stall, with flowers and herbs for your garden;
  • The Pillory;
  • The Daughters of the British Empire, Lord Baltimore’s Ark and Dove Chapter;
  • The Bouncy Castle;
  • The Greyhound Pets of America, Maryland Chapter;
  • The Ticket Booth;
  • Various Children’s Activities:
    • The Duck Pond (pick a duck to win a prize);
    • The new playground set;
    • The bubble station and the ring toss;
    • Flowerpot painting and sun catcher painting;
    • Face painting;
    • The Chocolate Wheel and the Lollipop Tree, in the distance (games of chance for children of all ages);
    • THE AMAZING ALEX, and his feats of prestidigitation;
  • Food and Drink!
    • Hot dogs and brownies;
    • Welsh cakes;
    • Welsh and Cornish Pasties, and Ploughman’s Lunches (good pub grub, that);
    • The Barley Mow Pub, featuring sodas, wine by the glass, bottled beer, and beer on tap;
    • and open air dining in the grove.

You can also watch this video in high definition on Isaac’s YouTube channel.

Panorama Tour of the 2013 British Garden Party and Fête

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