A tremendous effort and a stupendous success!

This year’s Cookie Walk was a stupendous success. Our friends in the neighborhood—new and old—turned out in droves. By the end of the day, with not a cookie left on the tables, the Cookie Walk team had taken in close on $7,700. That’s no small potatoes! What’s more, that figure does not include post–Cookie Walk sales or the proceeds from the silent auctions of theme baskets. These are expected to push the final sales figure up towards the $9,000 mark. What’s more, the wonderful work of the Knitting Circle raised more than $1,400 for Dr. Bob’s Place, the hospice for children.

The parish owes these spectacular results to extraordinary team work on the part of the Parish Life Committee crew,
headed by the redoubtable Donna Szper. It would be most unfair to single out particular individuals for praise when so many were involved and when everybody worked so hard. Putting on such an event is an immensely stressful business, but the good humor, kindness and tolerance for which St Stephen’s is noted ensured things ran as smoothly as possible.

Please accept my thanks on behalf of all those of us who looked on in admiration. Of course, that’s not a very large
number—because so many people played a part, baking the scrumptious cookies that gives the event its name. Thank you again—from the bottom of my heart. GUY HAWTIN

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