For a Sports Team (such as the Ravens…)

Raven (Plate CI) from Birds of America by John James Audubon

A week and a half ago, we published a Collect for the Ravens, in anticipation of their glorious win during the AFC Championship game with the New England Patriots. We’ll publish it again Sunday, as we cheer our team on during . . . → Read More: For a Sports Team (such as the Ravens…)

King Charles I, Martyr

Almighty Father, who by the Apostle of thy dear Son hast taught us to obey God rather than man: Mercifully grant that, as thy servant King Charles was faithful unto death in defence of thy Church, so all kings and rulers may constantly endeavour to govern thy people in accordance with thy Holy Word; through . . . → Read More: King Charles I, Martyr


As the resident eagle, one of my jobs is to keep an “eagle’s eye” on the mere humans of St Stephen’s. True to form, they goofed in last week’s newsletter by stating that the Lenten Studies would begin on February 20th when, in fact, they will begin on February 27th. If you’ve already marked your . . . → Read More: Whoops!

Arch demon or deacon—what’s in a name?

It has been more than seven years since I was appointed the diocesan archdeacon, but I must confess I still don’t feel entirely comfortable with being called “The Venerable,” the honorific that goes with the job. For starters, I am much too young for it. “The Venerable Guy P. Hawtin” has a certain ring to . . . → Read More: Arch demon or deacon—what’s in a name?

Septuagesima Sunday: the Third Sunday before Lent

Whoops! Epiphany was really short this year. This is actually the correct collect for today.

O Lord, we beseech thee favourably to hear the prayers of thy people; that we, who are justly punished for our offences, may be mercifully delivered by thy goodness, for the glory of thy Name; through Jesus Christ our Saviour, . . . → Read More: Septuagesima Sunday: the Third Sunday before Lent

Sermon for Sunday January 27th – Septuagesima

Here is the sermon for Sunday January 27th: Epiphany 3, 2013

This Week’s Newsletter

Here is this week’s newsletter: St. Stephen’s News XXIV No. 3

Saint John Chrysostom

O God, who didst illuminate the minds and warm the hearts of the faithful by the heavenly doctrine and example of Saint John Chrysostom: Call us by thy merciful grace to the knowledge of the truth, and put thy words in our mouth, that we may declare the unsearchable riches of Christ, who with thee . . . → Read More: Saint John Chrysostom

The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Almighty and everlasting God, mercifully look upon our infirmities, and in all our dangers and necessities stretch forth thy right hand to help and defend us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna and Martyr

¶ The modern observance of this feast is on February 23.

O God, the maker of heaven and earth, who didst give to thy venerable servant, the holy and gentle Polycarp, boldness to confess Jesus Christ as King and Saviour, and stedfastness to die for his faith: Give us grace, after his example, to share . . . → Read More: Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna and Martyr