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Silly Summer Suppers are starting June 21st

The moment you have all been waiting for now approaches. On Thursday, June 21st, the chefs of St. Stephen’s will begin the 2012 series of “Silly Summer Suppers”. And this year we will be starting with a mouthwatering tailgate party—hamburgers, franks, chicken, and all the trimmings.

Truth to tell, it’s hard to think of a less appropriate name than “Silly Summer Suppers” for these remarkable gastronomic events. Not least, the food is absolutely scrumptious—and there is plenty of it. The only thing silly about these suppers is the price. Where else can you get a home–cooked entrée, dessert, and salad for a meager $10? Add to that soda for a buck and wine at $3 per glass and $5 for two.

Actually, a Silly Supper Supper is much more than a meal. It is a social occasion—a time to meet your neighbors and fellow parishioners for food, fun and—if it appeals to you—a light hearted game of bingo.

The Silly Summer Suppers will run during the so–called “astronomical” summer. In other words, the opening supper coincides (more or less) with the Summer Solstice; and the final supper is currently planned to coincide (more or less) with the Autumn Equinox. We hope to see you there!

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