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Parish Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 17th (II)

Part II of The Rector’s Report

For the second year in a row, the Award for Making Bricks Without Straw goes to Adric, our Organist & Choir Master. Thanks to his creative direction and innovative music selection, the Choir of Men & Boys has maintained a remarkably high standard despite an acute shortage of trebles.

With veteran trebles Xander Nickol and Davis Pfund now on the choir’s back benches, the burden of the treble line is being carried by three novices—Avery Schweitzer, Michael Donaldson and Patrick Haley—and a very creditable job they have made of it. We are always on the lookout for trebles, experienced singers, as well as probationers and learners. If you know a boy who would enjoy singing and who would appreciate a splendid musical education—all for free—please let us know his name. We’d love to recruit him. Adric and the choir have continued their splendid program of Choral Evensongs. These services are generally sung on the first Sunday of the month, and the offertory is in aid of the choir’s special charity, Dr. Bob’s Place, the Joseph Richey Hospice’s new pediatric hospice.

Three or four Sundays a month during the academic year, the choir sings Choral Mattins. The officiant is usually Peter Threadgill, our head lay reader and resident composer. Indeed, from time to time, you will hear the choir singing music Peter, himself, has composed.

Thanks also goes to Llwyd Bowers, formerly organist at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Carey Street, Baltimore, who, from time to time, has good–naturedly turned out on Sunday to play for the 9:00 AM service.

Our lay readers Gordon Turner, Paul Douglas, Dan Bursi, J. Brice Richardson, Bob Reynolds, and Dr. Kirby von Kessler have been joined by Chris and Carroll Browne. (Chris is the artist who painted the reredos on the East Wall). Postulants John Novicki and Michael Belt have also been busy, both with studies and with outreach programs. John acts as lay chaplain to a group of re-enactors. Mike conducts a prayer service at a local nursing home.

St. Stephen’s Ladies Who Lunch, under the leadership of Joyce Pearlberg, have enjoyed another year of fellowship and fine dining. The Altar Guild, led by Stephanie Verhage and Joyce Perlberg, has had another busy year. Membership is open to both men and women. If you are interested in this vital work, please contact the parish office or an Altar Guild member. We are also looking for more ushers—particularly for the 11:15 AM Sunday service.

The Sunday School has again done well during the course of the year thanks to the creative work of Diane Novicki, Tracey Gushue, Tracey Collins, Allison Hendricks, Alison Belt, and Brock Johnson. Diane also leads the Junior Altar Guild.

Our talented Flower Guild continues to deck the sanctuary with spectacular floral arrangements. It was hard to imagine the church appearing more beautiful than it did at Christmastide, until we saw the Easter flowers.

Almost last, but very far from least, our long suffering treasurer Bill Hawkins would like to remind you that finances always get tight as summer approaches. Family vacations tend to play havoc with church cash flow. If you are planning a trip, Bill would very much appreciate it if you paid your pledge before you went away, rather than upon your return.

Meanwhile, if you would like to keep abreast of parish affairs, check a date, read a sermon, hunt through ancient newsletters, or keep up with the endless complaints of Isaac the Misanthropic Brass Eagle, our website is the place to do it. You will find it at our web address: GPH✠

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