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Sign up to become a Garden Party Patron

Every civic organization seems to sponsor some sort of the ethnic festival these days. The Greeks have bouzouki music and spinach pies. The Germans, oom-pah bands and bratwurst. Back in the old days, Romans had orgies and roasted dormice.

But what do Anglican Churches have by way of ethnic festivals? Vicarage Garden Parties, of course! With snorkers, sausage rolls, Cornish and Welsh pasties, afternoon tea, and plenty of real ale. As for entertainment, there are bagpipes for them that like them, madrigal singers, sack races, egg and spoon races, and a bouncy castle.

But Garden Party Day is coming up fast! The big event is scheduled to take place on May 5th to be precise. And there is still much to be done to ensure that this year’s party is as successful as its predecessors.

One way you can help is by becoming a Patron of the event. It might not get you on the Queen of England’s Birthday Honors List, but your name will be listed in our complimentary program guide—and that’s almost as good.

Why not sign up for one of the four levels of patronage:

  • Imperial Crown: $100
  • House of Windsor: $75
  • House of York: $50
  • House of Lancaster: $30

And May Day … May Day … May Day … There are all sorts of items we need for the party:

We are looking for: Cakes for the Cake Stall. Last year your cakes were so scrumptious, we sold out completely in the first two hours. Please double your efforts. It’s all in a good cause.

We also need tea cakes and dainties for our Tea Room. We can use all the help we can get to provide mouthwatering teas for our guests. Also on our wish list are card tables and chairs for the tea room. They don’t need to be Chippendale or Sheraton from the Custis side of the family, or the neat little Shaker ladder backs you inherited from Auntie Mimi last summer. Plain ordinary ones will do very nicely.

We are also in the market for superior quality jumble for our White Elephant Stall. This is your opportunity to at last get rid of the autoharp Uncle Thomas used to twang at family gatherings, and the cage that once was home to Cousin Ebenezer’s parrot.

Please search your cupboards, attics, cellars, and fallout shelters for salable treasures. You can start bringing them to the church starting today.

Other things we are badly in need of are bottles of wine and spirits only for our bottle stall, and pretty baskets are also needed for our floral arrangements. We are hoping to offer our guests a selection calculated to appeal to every taste.

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