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Folks who whine about obesity are often culprits

The so–called “Obesity Epidemic” leaves me cold. I have never worried about what the people in the pew look like. It’s not what’s in your old tum–tum that counts, but what’s in your heart.

Frankly, I can’t understand what’s so attractive about the “emaciated look.” Why on earth would perfectly nice looking people envy vacuous models of both sexes who look like they are constructed out of pipe cleaners and ball point refills?

That said, it seems to me the people who whine most about the “Obesity Epidemic” are the very people who have caused it. The reason so many children are overweight isn’t so much that they eat too much, but that they exercise too little.

Television and Play Stations are only partially responsible for this. The real culprits are found at school and in the home. They are the folks who forbid students to play ball games, tag, and other traditional school yard games at recess for fear a child might get hurt. They are parents who so organize their children’s time there is no time for spontaneous play out in the open air. Remember, I’ve got my eye on you!

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