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Now that’s a crèche

We have a lovely crèche—a Nativity set—at St Stephens. It sits on the left side of the altar, and the Three Kings start at the far right. They slowly journey from the East to Bethlehem (well, strictly speaking, from South to North), arriving at Bethlehem by Epiphany. The pictures here show that progression, picking up on the Feast of the Circumcision, with the Three Kings on the altar. (There are also a couple of shots of me in my holiday finery. We’ll have to start a separate photo gallery to showcase all my regalia; if you want to see my, ahem, New Year’s Day attire, you’ll have to scroll back a couple of blog entries for now.)

Crèche 2011

The Crèche at Christmastide 2011: The Magi make their way across the Chancel to Bethlehem (with a couple of shots of Issac in his seasonal finery)

6 Photos

Now that you’ve seen what a real crèche looks like, I’ll point you to this collection of some of the most bizarre Nativity scenes ever to spring forth from the mind of man. A couple of friends to whom I forwarded this link replied that their favorite was the <SPOILER ALERT>bacon and sausage</SPOILER ALERT> set. I must say, I agree with them, because that version at least has the redeeming virtue of being edible.

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