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More in sorrow than …

(Editor’s note: This screed from Isaac was published in response to a Newsletter article by parishioner Don Ruthig)

Isn’t that just like a human! You try to do them a favor and all they do is whine about it! It’s not my fault I can’t eat cookies. I’m just not equipped to do it. But does anybody feel sorry for me? Noooooo! All they do is complain about my humble efforts to get into the Cookie Walk Spirit. It’s a blatant case of speciesism!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, etc! I certainly don’t propose to descend to their level of name calling. Mr. Ruthie Ruthing or whatever his name is can just go and stew up a few more of his precious cookies.

Meanwhile I shall just keep on doing what the Rector and the Cookie Walk Kooks have asked me to do—promoting the new Cookie Walk Cook Book. The 2011 Cook Book is going to be an anthology (see if you can spell that without peeking, Mr. Smarty Pants Ruthig!) of your favorite drinks.

To ensure that it’s a truly comprehensive guide to the art of making and mixing beverages, we need your recipes for all your favorite drinks—alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

The rector has promised us the secret of his devastating “Montgomery Martini”—a beverage invented by the American infantry in World War II and named in honor of the well–known British general. This is the drink that gives the Brits their stiff upper lips!

We plan this to be a cook book in the true Anglican tradition. But to make it so, we’ll need your recipes for punches, teas, shrubs, smoothies, malts, shakes, hot and cold drinks, and flavored alcoholic drinks. Anything you love that is potable.

Please bring your favorite recipes to church or email our editor Peter Threadgill (the best way) at All recipes must be in no later than Sunday, November 6th. Thanks awfully!

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