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Regret (Internet meme du jour)

Many of the people I work with have a rather cynical sense of humor. Perhaps that’s because they’re computer nerds. They also tend to be science fiction fans. (Again with the computer thing.) They tend to be Whovians rather than Trekkers, but there’s room for Babylon 5 and Red Dwarf, and at least one of them carries a torch for Buffy. They even have a certain fondness for Star Wars, despite George Lucas’s attempt to turn the series into the Michael Jackson of cinema.

"Those *were* the droids you were looking for."So they were quite tickled when I showed them this picture, which is making the rounds these days. (Or, in any case, I just noticed it. I don’t claim to be at the forefront of internet hipness.) Perhaps you’re familiar with, and their motivational posters? And its snarky next-door-neighbor, (they’re definitely not relatives) and its Demotivator posters? This seems to be a knock–off, and not an official Demotivator (I’m sure the licensing would be prohibitive). Still, it’s a wonderful collision of cynicism and science fiction—and, perhaps, just a bit haunting, because most of us can identify with this poor Stormtrooper. Let’s just hope that Darth Vader doesn’t get wind of his mistake.

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