Scripture Verse

Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.

— St. Matthew xi:28, Comfortable Words at Holy Communion

About RSS Feeds

RSS feed iconAn RSS Feed is a way for you to be notified that something new has been posted to our blog. There are several feeds you can subscribe to: a general feed, which includes every post; and category-specific feeds, which only include those posts that have been put into a specific category. So, for example, you can be notified whenever a new issue of the Newsletter is posted, or whenever there is a new podcast.

Currently you can subscribe to the following Category RSS feeds:

  • Newsletter
  • This includes Parish newsletters and D.E.U.S. (Diocese of the Eastern United States) newsletters
  • Sermons
  • Podcasts
  • Parish Life
  • Any post about Parish Life activities, such as the Garden Party, Cookie Walk, Summer Suppers, and so forth
  • Meeting Minutes
  • This includes minutes both for Parish Life meetings and for Vestry meetings

To subscribe to the general RSS feed, click on the RSS feed icon rss icon in the upper right corner of the web page. (There’s also a link to be notified not only about posts but also about comments on those posts.) To subscribe to a category-specific RSS feed, click on the appropriate link in the “Category-Specific RSS Feeds” box in the right sidebar.

You can use RSS aggregators to read your RSS feeds, but most people will prefer to use their usual browser. Safari has an RSS aggregation function built in, but you will need to install a plugin for Firefox or Chrome. You can find information on using these browsers as RSS aggregators in this article.