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Got the Stay at Home Blues? Try to view us on the Internet

For many of us old enough to remember it, there are certain similarities between today’s Corina Virus epidemic and the Second World War—empty shelves in the stores, shortages of basic commodities like toilet paper, attempts at profiteering and, for many, an ever present level of anxiety.

But there is one very big difference. Government-imposed self-quarantining deprives us of enjoying the collective camaraderie that cheered and encouraged both civilians and combatants here and in Europe during the darkest days of World War II. It is, after all, impossible to quarantine ones self from Shortages and, in Europe, bombs.

Isolation is for many of us a serious problem—and not only for folks who live alone. Enforced togetherness is tough on married couples and families. Irritations and minor frustrations get magnified beyond all reason. Tensions all too frequently overwhelm affection.

Your parochial clergy are hampered in our effort to help as we are, too, are quarantined. However each of us is available on the phone for folks in need of comfort, counsel or simply a chat. And the weekly newsletter also helps us stay in touch.

Father John Novicki and Peter Threadgill have mastered the art of video recording Feast Day and Sunday Eucharists to enable you to maintain your worship. The services are posted on the parish website (, Youtube, and Isaac the Eagle’s Facebook page by 9:00 AM every Sunday and they are available indefinitely. You can locate them at at the very bottom of the Home Page, under “Recent Blog Posts.”

Meanwhile we are exploring other ways to keep in touch. The rector, raised on BBC Radio, was a great enthusiast of the audio broadcasts of short stories. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, we thought we’d the idea and broadcast a short story of our own, say, every Wednesday evening.

Our IT guys are busy figuring out how to do it, the rector is hammering away at the key board writing a script and we hope to go on the air, God willing, by Wednesday, April 29th. Please check the web site for details on the 29th.

Meanwhile, God bless you and keep you. May he lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. GPH✠ & JPN✠

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