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Llamas Day

The Ashby Company in Erie, PA, produces Church and Liturgical Kalendars for a variety of denominations. (And yes, that’s “kalendar” with a ‘k’. It goes back to the ancient Roman name for the first of the month.) These kalendars note special feast days and fast days, commemorations of saints, and the appropriate liturgical colour of the day, among other things. But they aren’t necessarily well proof-read. For at least the last decade, the alternate observance for August 1st has been noted as “Llamas Day”, not “Lammas Day”. (This is one of the first things some of us check when the new Ordo Kalendars arrive.) So to help you celebrate Llamas Day, here is a link to one of the earliest internet videos to go viral and become a meme: The Llama Song.

Happy Llamas Day from the ACA

Ordo Kalendar August 2019

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