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Cookie Walk

Only 15 days until the Cookie Walk! Jellies and jams, soup mix, and Jezebel sauce will be available starting December 1st, 2020. Prepackaged boxes of cookies will be available on Saturday, December 19th, 2020, between 9:00 AM and 12 Noon.

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Stand to! The British Garden Party is here!

Well, our British Garden Party has almost arrived. In a few short days our outdoor extravaganza (this Saturday) will be upon us, and everyone connected with this enterprise is quite excited and rarin’ to go. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that still need to be done during this “run up” week which are mentioned below. The good news is that all of our “volunteer slots” for our booths and tables are now filled. The only thing left to do in this respect is to show up on Saturday morning and cover your assigned volunteer posts.

Tent and Booth Assembly and Erection Crew

Garden Party maypole

Dancing the Maypole at St Stephen’s British Garden Party and Fête

The Tent and Booth Assembly Crew should rendezvous on Church grounds by 9:00 AM Friday, May 3rd. As mentioned previously, the assembly and positioning work is not very strenuous, but the more “hands” we have the quicker the work will be done. If you bring any of your personal tools, be sure to mark them for easy identification.

Most of the tent and booth materials can be found in the large grey storage shed at the rear of the Church, so any “early birds” who arrive can begin the unloading and separating process.

There is the possibility that we will need a pair of large pruning shears to cut back low hanging tree branches that may interfere with the tents and booths. If all goes well, and we have enough “hands”, we should be finished around noontime.

Jumble, Wine Spirits and Book Donations

Those of you who still would like to donate items for the Jumble, wine and spirits for the Games of Chance, and books for the Book Table can deliver these items during the “run up” week, however, the sooner you bring these items the better. There will be a lot of last minute things to do so early delivery will make it easier to sort out and organize these items before the Friday “rush”.

Baked Goods Donations

It is obvious that items for the Baked Goods Table should be the last things brought to the Church so as to maintain their freshness.

All baked goods are welcome (cakes, cookies, pies, breads, tarts, etc.) and they should be delivered either Friday or Saturday. Be sure to label your item(s) with your name.

Cake boxes will be available at the Church for your use. If you are unable to deliver your goods on Friday (May 3rd), please make every effort to deliver them by 9:00 AM Saturday so that there will be enough time to wrap them prior to the 11:00 AM opening.

Clean-Up Crew

Those of you who have volunteered for the Clean-Up Crew should be at the Church by 3:00 PM when the event closes. Although we usually have a fairly tidy attendance, be prepared with trash bags for any litter that escaped the trash receptacles already provided. Again, the more “hands” we have, the quicker the clean-up job will be accomplished.

Finally, it does look like the weather for Saturday is holding with a prediction of partly cloudy skies, and a high in the mid-60s. It should be a great day, and a just reward for those who have worked so hard to make our British Garden Party a success.

—From John Darlington

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