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Please send in your pledges

Merchant Using Abacus

“Merchant Using Abacus”, woodcut from Ain new geordnet Rechenbüchlein auf den linien mit Rechenpfenningen (An ordered new computing booklet on the lines with computing pennies), by Jacob Köbel, 1516. From New York Public Library.

Churches, like families, need to plan their budgets, but, also like families, they find it hard to do so if they are unable to forecast what their income will be. Saint Stephen’s is drawing up its budget for the year, but cannot finalize things until you have all sent in your annual pledges.

We know that most folks regard making a pledge is just a formality and that you will be making the contribution whether you notify us or not. And we realize that making a pledge is a chore at a time of the year in which there are more than enough chores already. But pledges are our “security blanket” And, like Linus in the Peanuts cartoon, we need our “security blanket.” Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!


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