It’s time to start thinking about Cookie Walk 2018

It is time to get down to some serious business! The Parish Life Committee had its initial Cookie Walk meeting on Sunday, October 21st, during which we discussed various and sundry items in preparation for Cookie Walk Week (November 26 to 30).

cookie table

sooo many cookies …

There are a number of important tasks to be accomplished prior to that time in order to get that “week” started in the right direction. The single most important thing is Volunteers, Volunteers and, need I say it again, VOLUNTEERS!

Naturally, we have the usual HCG (hard core group), but we need additional parishioners to step up and offer their help as well. A special appeal goes out to new Church members to lend a hand. By the beginning of November, a Volunteer Sign-Up Table will be in place near the Church office.

Additionally, we could use donations of wreath ornaments, such as bows, ribbons, pine cones, and other colorful items, as well as various baskets and containers for holiday arrangements.

We will be publishing in the coming weeks a number of tried and true cookie recipes from the St. Stephen’s Cookbooks, and James Beard’s American Cookery Book; however, we could always use more, especially some old family recipes that are favorites with you.

As mentioned in our initial article published last week, we will also be publishing recipes for “freezer cookies”. You can make the dough in advance, freeze it, and bake these cookies in the week before the Cookie Walk.

There are additional step-by-step tips on freezing cookie dough at this website: 2015/10/21/freeze-bake-tips/ LET’S GET CRACKING!

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