Saint Stephen’s Choir Academy

Do you know a boy under the age of twelve who likes to sing?

Saint Stephen’s Choir Academy exists to foster the artistic and intellectual development of boys and to continue the tradition of English classical choral music. The boys are taught to read and write musical notation under an internationally recognised curriculum, and they quickly become proficient singing in several languages through exposure to a musical repertory spanning several centuries. This repertory is the same used at major men & boys choir institutions around the world, such as Saint Thomas Church, New York; Westminster Abbey, London; King’s College, Cambridge; and New College, Oxford.

Choir Christmas Eve 2018

Choir Christmas Eve 2018

Unlike similar music education and training programmes around the region, the Choir Academy’s tuition is subsidised by full- and half-scholarships. As a result, many of the boys in the Choir Academy receive an extensive classical music education at no cost to their families. Additionally, each boy receives a monthly stipend, underscoring his professional commitment to rehearsals and performances.

In a modern culture which often focuses attention and resources primarily on boys’ athletic development, the Choir offers an outlet for artistic expression and intellectual growth. Beyond achieving a high level of musicianship, the choirboys develop discipline, social skills, and self-confidence, and they earn credentials which score well on high school and college applications and lead to scholarships.

Membership in Saint Stephen’s Choir Academy is open to boys of all faiths. Any boy who enjoys singing can gain admittance to the Choir as early as age 8. Prospective choristers, ages 8 to 12, are welcomed at any time of the year. (Consideration is also given to older boys whose voices have not yet broken, particularly those with some singing experience.) To schedule an interview, contact the admissions director, Mrs Cheryl Nickol, by phone: (410) 329-6399 or e-mail:

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Sir Charles Villiers Stanford's setting of the Magnificat in G, sung by the choir of St John's College, Cambridge.

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