Serving parish and community

In case you are wondering, the Parish Life Committee is the social and fundraising arm of this church. We plan numerous events to bring parishioners, friends, family, and neighbors together and, also, to raise money for our many endeavors.

We pledge to the church the sum of $12,000 a year. We raise this with events such as the British Garden Party in May, the Cookie Walk in December, and Summer Suppers. Reaching beyond our physical plant, we support others of our community and the world.

The Knitting Circle auction proceeds go to outreach here and abroad. Heifer International receives a gift of a Knitters basket which includes a sheep, a llama, an alpaca, and an Angora rabbit. At Jacobs Well receives warm knitted hats and scarves, as well as non-perishable items and cash donations.

The Christ Child Society of Baltimore receives baby blankets, sweaters, and toys for their layettes for new mothers and their babies, as well as a cash donation for the many needs of the women and children of Baltimore. And, of course, we knit prayer shawls and squares for those who need comfort.

In addition to our pledge to this church, this year the Parish Life committee was also able to pay for the new Lawn Tractor and the rack for the folding chairs.

We are always looking for more people to join us for ideas that will benefit our mission both here and around the world. Many hands make light work and we have fun doing work with our fellow parishioners.


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