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Choral Evensong for All Saints Tide

Sunday, November 5th, 2017 at 6:00 PM
The Sunday in the Octave of the Feast of All Saints

Evensong, a fusion of the monastic prayer offices Vespers and Compline, is one of the greatest treasures of the Anglican tradition. Presented by Saint Stephen’s Choir on the First Sunday of the Month, the service begins at 6pm and ordinarily lasts about 40 minutes.

This month’s service, sung by the boy choristers, will celebrate the Feast of All Saints which the Church observed on 1 November. Music will include the following repertory for treble voices: Malcolm Archer’s Preces & Responses; David Hogan’s Evening Service in E flat (Washington Service); William H Harris’s ‘Behold the tabernacle of God’; and two crowd-pleasing All Saints hymns: ‘For all the saints’ and ‘I sing a song of the saints of God’. The service will close with an enthusiastic if not accurate rendering of César Franck’s organ work ‘Pièce Héroïque’.

Visitors from all faiths are always heartily welcomed to join us in prayer, and all are invited to remain for a light reception following the service. Admission is free of charge, however a freewill offering will be received in aid of the choir’s charity, the Christ Child Society of Baltimore.

Dürer Adoration of the Trinity

The Adoration of the Trinity (Landauer Altar) , by Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528).

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