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Schedule changes for week of April 10th

The ACA Executive Council is meeting at St Stephen’s this week, and as a result, we are making a few changes to our normal weekday schedule.

  • There will be no Fellowship Breakfast at the Nautilus Diner on Tuesday, April 12th
  • There will be no Parish Life Meeting on Tuesday, April 10th. The meeting has been postponed until the following Tuesday, April 19th. (We need one last meeting before the British Garden Party and Fête on Saturday, May 7th.)
  • The Executive Council and Bishops will celebrate Mass on Wednesday, April 13th, at 5:00 PM. (This replaces the normal Evening Prayer service.) All are welcome to this celebration of the Eucharist.
  • The Knitting Circle will meet as usual on Thursday, April 14th, but the location may be moved to elsewhere in the building.

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