Church treasurers find that summertime is far from easy

Summer is not the best-loved time of the year for church treasurers. The trouble is that parishioners frequently forget the church when they go on vacation, and this can play havoc with the cash flow. And a healthy cash flow is essential for keeping the lights lit, the air conditioning cooling, and the doors open.

So please take pity on the poor church treasurer struggling to make ends meet in the summer season, scrabbling under the pews in hopes that small change might have fallen from parishioners’ pockets. How much simpler life would be for him if he could anticipate a nice smooth cash flow.

We know you have a lot of calls on your time and your treasure, but if you are a little behind with your pledge we would be most grateful if you’d bring it up to date. It would be so nice if the treasurer didn’t have to hide under his desk when the plumber or the electrician comes to call.

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